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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  April 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at noon on your side. >> a quick-moving fire trapped three people inside there
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northwest home. take of this was the 1300 block of locust road. john is live at the scene this noon with more. >> restoration crews are in the neighborhood boarding up homes as we speak. 94-year-old lilia lane was inside the home at the time. she was a former d.c. school teacher of 30 years. she was inside her bedroom when the bedroom next door collier. she was overcome by smoke and became trapped. >> as smoke and flames engulfed this large, single family home, two brothers and elderly mother trapped inside her second-floor bedroom. >> i did see them bring her out of the house. i do not think she was conscious. >> fighting through extremely thick, black smoke. crews finally reached lilia lane
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it was unconscious. >> she has done a lot for us. i think she is a terrific lady, and i hope she will be ok. >> it was on the front lawn exporter began to work to revive the elderly woman. >> they told us to stay close that we might have to evacuate. >> we were trying to keep their personal live at. >> this was an intense fire to say the least. the metal castrash can still smoldered. ladders were used to pull her through the roof and walls ripped out to make sure the fire did not keep going. an alarming start to the day has left neighbors a bit uneasy. take a bit paranoid about your own house when you see something like that. >> one son suffered minor burns.
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both are expected to survive. mrs. lane a d.c. schoolteacher for 30 years is in serious condition at this hour. the cause of the fire is unknown. >> thank you. income of four months of the death of a baby girl in d.c. come at the medical examiner said she died of hypothermia. she was found in january abandoned and front of a home. she was exposed to the freezing temperatures for some time before the homeowner discovered her and called police. her death has been ruled police. no arrests have been made in the case. >> a prince george's county teenager has been a arrested for his role in the shooting of a 24-month-old boy. he has been arrested on charges of assault and use of a deadly weapon and a crime. the baby is still recovering from injuries to his face and
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will require more surgeries. >> also new at noon, the woman accused of stabbing a customer outside of a target store is in court today. she is a church with assault after police say she attacked a customer in october outside of an atlanta target. she had recently been released from protective custody from a similar incident in 2005. >> the suspect accused a carjacking a mother and her baby at a baltimore gas station will face a judge today. she is charged with hit-and-run and negligent driving. the mother and infant rolled out of the car on the subway. neither were harmed during their escape from carjacking. >> the woman known as the blond. it is expected to plead guilty. -- known as the blond bandit.
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she went on a crime spree late last year robbing banks and taking cars at knifepoint. it ended last november after a police pursuit. >> we continue to watch developments in the scandal that has now brought howard university. abc7 news have learned the tennis match has been cancelled. this after university officials said yesterday most sporting events would continue as good will. and never of student athletes have been pulled from their teams. sources tell abc7 news that howard is being investigated for money given to athletes to cover the cost of textbooks and the practice has been going on for some time now. >> the past two-three years instead of giving books that they give you $750 toward your books. >> howard officials are not
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saying whether the book voucher is the target of the probe. >> officials at the university of maryland are investigating two possible hate crimes. also anti-emetic graffiti was discovered inside an elevator. and the school president has sent out a letter condemning the incident. police have no suspects, and it is not clear if the incidents are linked. >> looking forward to the easter weekend forecast. is the weather when to hold? >> temperatures on the down swing right now. it will be a little bit cooler than the past couple of days. and we will rebound a little bit just for easter sunday appeared it getting to those details in just a second. this is at oakdale high school. notice the big, bright almost full moon. the sun rises on the opposite horizon from 6:45.
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high clouds ahead, the filtered sunshine we are experiencing today. it is now in frederick. 54 in shepherds down. 55 in arlington. pretty uniform temperatures. i think we will make it into the low 60s this afternoon. some locations stuck in the upper 50s. noticeably cooler than the 70's we have enjoyed the past couple of days. a freeze warning in effect. i will let you know when and where coming up here yen >>. >> an undercover sting has led to the rest of creditors. it is part of a week-long operation. we will have more information coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> the maryland lottery is investigating claims that several self that proclaimed winners. at in a few hours officials will
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discuss the rumors swirling around the unclaimed ticket. >> a woman has claimed she has the ticket, but so far no proof. >> wilson claimed she bought the mega millions ticket but more and more people are not buying her story. she held a press conference in baltimore where lawyers told reporters her claim is legit even though he himself has not seen the ticket here yet >>. >> she bought tickets for herself in up pull of mcdonald's co-workers, as is the winning ticket is one that she bought separately. >> regardless of whether or not she decides to share her alleged earnings would her co-workers,
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many people in our area say the fact it is not shown a ticket to provide proof shows something is wrong with this story. >> i think she is trying to get her own tv show. >> if she really did win and it is a ticket she bought with the group, she is greedy. >> wilson claimed she had the ticket and is a place within mcdonald's. she said she will not go back to get it until the media attention dies down. >> when it is time to present the ticket or what ever it is that needs to be presented to the lottery commissioner, i am sure we will be there. >> no word if miss wilson will be there today. >> president obama coming up with a plan to help small businesses. he will find the jump-start business start up or jobs act.
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it is a plan by the president to help small businesses grow and create jobs. he will attend fund raisers in the district later this evening. a man at the center of an ethics scandal. he decided to stop gathering signatures because he says federal investigations will force them from office. that is the case for a recall. >> occupiy d.c. protesters standing their ground. the park service wants to clean and beautify the ground as part of a spring cleaning. they want the protesters to leave the park in order to do that. the protesters say they are not leaving. they have been protesting since february. >> a wild turkey on the loose. quite a sight. he flew the coop and became stuck in a tree outside of the
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national restaurant association. the wild turkey did not find anybody. pose for a bunch of pictures. >> coming up on abc7 news at noon -- >> it is not ok. >> a d c family struggling to live inside their own home. why and neighbors bad habit is to blame they say. >> details from whitney houston's full autopsy report coming up. >> a piece of d.c. history is getting a makeover. >> first, taking a live look
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>> you are watching abc7 news at noon. this is abc7 news at noon. on your side. >> 5 in new orleans police officers will spend time in jail. the sentences ranged from 6-65 years. a federal jury convicted officers yesterday of civil- rights violation and covering up shootings in september 2005. prosecutors say police shot six people, two of them died. >> shocking new details about the death of whitney houston. the final report reveals she may have overdosed on a cocktail of illegal narcotics and prescription medications as well. investigators say they did find a white powdery substance inside
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the hotel room where she drowned. >> d.c. area homeowners are going to extremes to what avoid smoke. they say the smell is so bad they moved out of their condo. for five months they have been living with family in alexandria. they say strong second-hand smoke from the neighbor was making them sick. they said they spoke to the neighbor and condo association but nothing worked. >> it was getting so bad it was disrupting our sleep, headaches, nausea. >> they hired an attorney, who claims the smoking violates the nuisance caused. >> you may have seen jets flying over the district this morning. try to figure out how it will bring the space shuttle to this date. -- to the state. very cool. >> i will never forget we're at
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the park for the first time with my nephew. fighter jets came over and scared the daylights out of him. he still talks about that. that was a year ago. >> quite an impression. >> clouds out there. saw that in the video. temperatures will take a brief nosedive tomorrow morning. we do have our freeze warning in effect for du locations but not everybody. metro area will not see freezing conditions or even a frost any time soon. another time lapse from damascus. this is the weather but camera. my sunrise. leaves growing on the trees in the foreground. also, high thin clouds. clouds streaming overhead today. tomorrow we what total sunshine. that will be the case through the weekend as well. temperatures in the fifties. quite a contrast from yesterday.
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56 and the district. 10-20 degrees cooler th right now than yesterday this is thanks to the cold front we have moved for yesterday. that is where the rain action will be. right on the edge of all of it. fair amount of sunshine. we could use some showers are around here. we are abnormally dry. does not look like we have a chance of that until monday or tuesday when we of a slight chance of areas of rain for early next week. area of low pressure passes to the south. active weather will stay to the south over the next few days because of the high-pressure system that unsettling overhead.
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there will be a little breeze tomorrow and saturday as we are wedged in between the systems. at least this will translate to a lot of sunshine with a high pressure system overhead. for tonight here 40 downtown. just a hair above freezing northwest of the metro area. marmite come a different story. i do think we will did a little below freezing, and the national weather service has issued a freeze warning in effect for friday night and early saturday morning west of the blue ridge and right along the mason dixon. as for tomorrow, temperature similar to today. keep in mind come average for this time of year. into the weekend we will rebound a little bit. back into the upper 60's for easter sunday. take of the national park servic briefed -- >> the
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national park service bringing back the bus tour. they will add an national mall route for the double decker buses. >> how would you like to own a piece of american history? in just two weeks the bellaire mansion is going on auction block. george washington and thomas jefferson once stayed there as houseguests. it was originally built in the 18th-century come in the current homeowner says he is ready to pass on the keys to someone else. people from all around the country are bidding on this. the bidding begins on april 18. >> comeback for one of the biggest entertainment landmarks. it will open next week after being shut down for nearly three decades. it was built in 1910, one of the first african american and use of its type anywhere in the country. it host motown's biggest ours. it will take center stage once again. >> back in 1910, many of them
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said the theater for the people. i hope it is a place where young people can also learn. >> chris van cleve will have more on the multi million dollar renovation coming coming up tonight at 5:00. great to see it back in action. >> coming up, >> i am tired, and most of the time i am tired all of the time. >> help on the way for the millions of people that cannot get to sleep. how this bill could give you a good night's rest. >>
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>> 7 is on your side this noon with the alarming statistics about teenagers texting and driving. a new study shows texting while driving behind the wheel is the number one cause of death for american teenagers. it also found when texting your ability to steer decreases 91%. 35% more likely to not react to something on the road. >> social networks are good for tracking lots of things like birthdays and where your friends are, but scientists are talking about a more practical use. researchers are ulooking at
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using tracking this for sexually-transmitted diseases. >> a medical breakthrough that could help guarantee you a good night's sleep. the food and drug administration has approved a drug. a sleep aid will help the rest for about four hours. nearly half of all americans say they wake up in the middle night and say they have trouble falling back asleep. >> this is meant for the patient who gets up at 3:00 in the morning and just cannot go back to sleep. they can take this, which would help them go back to sleep with a fairly rapid onset. >> it contains the same active ingredients as ambien and a lower dose and supposedly work sooner. >> adam is back with a final
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>> a little bit cooler today. the sunshine make it feel a little bit but there. -- bit better. take a look at early next week. a chance of rain is back. we could use a few showers around here. abnormally dry across the entire viewing area. and >> t
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